Facial rejuvenation


At Facial Aesthetics In The City, we believe in a "less is more" approach. We can't promise to turn back the clock, but, with our skill and aesthetic judgement, we can certainly help you to look and feel your best.

Anti wrinkle treatments vary; some are anti wrinkle injections that either block nerve signals to your muscles or fill out your complexion, while others are topical treatments. Dentists are especially well qualified to administer these treatments due to their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy. Anti ageing treatments at Facial Aesthetics In The City are straightforward and quick to carry out, requiring little or no recovery time. They are ideal for anyone who wants to achieve the subtle changes that will have people remarking on how well you look, without knowing why.

Anti-wrinkle treatments available at Facial Aesthetics In The City



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Anti-wrinkle injections

We gently place anti wrinkle injections in key locations around the face, to temporarily block the signals from nerves to the tiny underlying muscles that contribute to the formation of wrinkles. This relaxes your skin and literally ‘wipes the stress’ off your face. It’s especially effective on the brow and around the eyes and mouth. Other popular uses include treating the top lip to help counter the effect of a gummy smile, and treating the underarms to reduce excessive sweating.

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Where can anti-wrinkle injections be used?

Common treatable areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Forehead
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet (around the eyes)
  • Bunny nose
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Chin pebbling
  • Gummy smile
  • Jawline
  • Underarms (excessive sweating)
  • Neck



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Hyperhidrosis treatment

This can be a life changing treatment for those who suffer from excessive under arm perspiration (hyperhidrosis). Hyperhidrosis treatment involves the administration of tiny, carefully placed injections to the underarms. This leads to the blockage of the sweat producing nerves which ensures that your underarms remain dry no matter how hot the weather or how much you work out!

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Gummy Smile

A smile that shows too much of the gum line below the top lip can cause some people to be uncomfortable with their smiles. Injections placed in the upper lip can relax the hyperactive muscles causing the lip to over-elevate and so reduce the amount of gum seen when smiling.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of facial aesthetic treatments?

Both anti-aging injections and dermal fillers are quick to administer, involving very minimal discomfort and recovery time. The result? A rested and refreshed appearance that no beauty cream or facial can compete with.

What areas can be treated?

Common treatable areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Naso labial folds (nose to mouth grooves)
  • Marionette lines (mouth to chin lines)
  • Forehead lines
  • Glabella (frown lines)
  • Cheeks (for contouring and rejuvenating sunken cheeks)
  • Scars and acne marks
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Lips

How soon will I see a difference?

Anti-wrinkle treatments take a couple of days to work, and up to two weeks for the full effect to be seen. Results from dermal fillers can be seen instantly.

How long do the effects last?

Anti-aging injections last around 3-5 months before a repeat visit may be required. The treatments are not permanent and the products dissolve naturally over time. Dermal fillers can last a varying amount of time. The most commonly employed fillers last for 6 to 9 months.

Are there any side effects?

Administered correctly, the side effects of anti-aging injections and dermal fillers should be minimal. You will be fully advised of any side effects prior to consenting to treatment.

What can I expect from my experience at Facial Aesthetics In The City?

Before carrying out any treatment we will ask you to attend a 30-minute consultation to discuss your aspirations and our recommendations for achieving the best possible result. You are under no obligation to continue with treatment following this consultation. We will take clinical photographs so that we can plan your treatment thoroughly, and assess you medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate. Following your treatment, you will be given full aftercare instructions and of course are always welcome to get in touch with any questions.